VMware Horizon View – Maximum concurrent connections within a certain period

Last week, I received the question from a client wether it was easy to see the maximum concurrent connections in VMware Horizon View between two distinct dates.

There are several ways to do this:

  • Through vRealize operations manager for Horizon
  • In the standard VMware Horizon View console you can see the maximum number of concurrent connections from the time of installation or from the last time you reset the value, so this is not really that useful


  • By executing some PowerCLI commands: See this post From Ivo Beerens
  • By executing some SQL commands.
    • The SQL command I use to get this information is
as date
as 'Maximum concurrent sessions'
FROM [yourvieweventdatabasename].[dbo].[event.historical]
and [Time]<=DATEADD(dd,-15,getdate())
and [Time}>=DATEADD(dd,-30,getdate())
ORDER BY [Maximum concurrent sessions]

This query will return the maximum number of concurrent connections between 30 days ago and 15 days ago.


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