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In the VMware Horizon documentation there are a lot of properties explained that can be set in the locked.properties file. All these possible properties are however spread out in different sections in the documentation. This blog posts combines all of the documented locked.properties settings in one single page.

Someone at VMware explained me the following: Almost anything you put in locked.properties is an override (except for smartcard setup info), and there are actually hundreds of these, most of which are not in any customer-facing document but are there in case a change from the default becomes useful in some situation. We publicise certain settings in the main doc set, KBs etc where customers could benefit from them, but there isn’t a definitive list. Making such a list would involve trawling the entire secure gateway code base and in some cases would be hard to explain and dangerous to mess with.

The locked.properties file is located on the VMware Horizon View Connection server (or security server) in the following location: directory install_directory\VMware\VMware View\Server\sslgateway\conf\locked.properties. 

The properties in the locked.properties file are case sensitive.

After changing the locked.properties file, the View Connection Server service of View Security Server service needs to be restarted to make the changes take effect.

The format of each line in the locked.properties file is property_name=property_value

List of properties that can be set

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