VMware Workspace One – Publish a VMware Horizon View RDSH application

Publishing a VMware Horizon View RDSH application to an iPad, Android or Windows device using Workspace One is something which is not documented but can be easily done by performing the following steps:

  • Connect to your Horizon View ADAM database (See https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2012377 for details)
    • Browse to “DC=vdi, dc=vmware, dc=int” – “OU=Applications”
    • Within the “OU=Applications” section you will see a list of all the available published applications
    • Select the properties for the application you want to publish
    • Browse to the attribute “distinguishedName”
    • Copy the value displayed in the “distinguishedName” attribute
    • For example: CN=YourApplicationName,OU=Applications,DC=vdi,DC=vmware,DC=int
  • Create the VMware View URI for the published application
    • The URI for the published application needs to be in a certain format (See Syntax for Creating vmware-view URIs VMware Horizon Client for Windows 5.3 )
    • Transform the distinguisedName attribute value in the following way:
      • convert to all small caps
      • Replace the “=” sign with “%3D”
      • Replace the “,” sign with “%2C”
    • VMware View URI = vmware-view://yourserveraddress/cn%3Dyourapplicationname%2Cou%3Dapplications%2Cdc%3Dvdi%2Cdc%3Dvmware%2Cdc%3Dint
  • Create the application in the Workspace One Console
    • Go to Apps & Books – Applications – Web – Web Links and click “Add Application
    • Add Application
      • Organization Group ID
      • Platform
    • Click “Continue”
    • Details:
      • Name
      • URL ==> Paste here the URI you constructed in the previous step:
        • vmware-view://yourserveraddress/cn%3Dyourapplicationname%2Cou%3Dapplications%2Cdc%3Dvdi%2Cdc%3Dvmware%2Cdc%3Dint
      • Description
    • Image
      • Icon
    • Assignment
      • Smart Group
      • Exclusions
      • Push mode
      • Advanced
        • Removable
        • Full Screen
    • Click “Save and Publish”

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