VMware vRealize Operations Manager – Scaling up a 2-node HA enabled vROps cluster

This blog post describes the steps to follow to scale up a 2-node HA enabled VMware vROps cluster:

Start Situation:

  • SMALL1 and SMALL2 are deployed and are configured in HA mode
  • SMALL1 is the Master node
  • SMALL2 is the Master Replica node

Process to scale-up 2 HA enabled nodes

  • Deploy 2 additional nodes (MEDIUM1 and MEDIUM2)
  • Add MEDIUM1 and MEDIUM2 to the HA cluster as additional data nodes.
  • Take the master replica node (SMALL2) offline
  • Remove the master replica node (SMALL2) from the HA cluster
  • Select one of the newly added nodes (MEDIUM1) as the new master replica
  • Take the master node (SMALL1) offline
  • Remove the master node (SMALL1) from the cluster
  • vROps will promote node MEDIUM1 as its master node
  • Select the second new node (MEDIUM2) as the new replica node.


  • During this process the cluster will restart several times, so dataloss is to be expected.
  • This migration process is not officially documented by VMware, but is currently the only way to scale-up a VMware vROps environment. VMware advises a well-thought sizing before deploying any VMware vROps nodes.
  • Having a cluster with mixed node sizes is not recommended and should only occur during a scale-up process
  • In order to make an accurate sizing estimation of your environment, VMware designed a spreadsheet to calculate the vROps environment size. The link to download the spreadsheet can be found in VMware KB 2140551

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