VMware vRealize Business for Cloud – Hide cost values in vRA interface

When you install vRealize Business cost values are being displayed in the vRealize Automation interface so users can see the actual cost of the VM they are requesting


In some circumstances however you do not want users to see the cost values.

There is a method to hide these cost values by editing the file enable-features.properties in the vRA appliance.

!! Please note that feature toggles to modify product behaviour are not supported by VMware and will possibly break future upgrades. It will also not be carried forward in an upgrade situation !!

  • Edit file /etc/vcac/enable-feature.properties
  • Set the value for costingUI to false (be default it is set to true): costingUI=false
  • Restart the vac-server service: service vac-server restart












The result of this is that the cost details are hidden:












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