VMware vCenter 5.5 and Microsoft SQL Cluster support

Even though a lot of people are running their VMware vCenter backend SQL database on a Microsoft SQL cluster, VMware vCenter 5.5 is the first version to actually support this.

To enable support for Microsoft SQL Clustering Service (MSCS) in vCenter Server 5.5 you have to enable the Microsoft SQL Clustering Service functionality on your vCenter Server:

  1. Connect to vCenter Server and navigate to C:\ProgramData\VMware\VMware VirtualCenter\.
  2. Create a backup of the current vpxd.cfg file
  3. Stop the VMware VirtualCenter Server service
  4. Open the vpxd.cfg file in a text editor.
  5. Set the recoverForAllError parameter to true:<vpxd>

  6. Save and close the vpxd.cfg file.
  7. Start the VMware VirtualCenter Server service.




VMware KB 1024051

VMware KB 2059560

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