VMware Horizon Workspace – Portal Management URLs

In previous versions of VMware Horizon Workspace, it was always hard to know which URL to use for what purpose. In the current version (2.1.0) there is a single webpage within the VMware Horizon Workspace Portal displaying the Workspace Portal Administrative Links. So there is only one single URL to remember:



  • Appliance Configurator: Update and change settings for the Workspace database, SSL certificates, and external syslog server; change Workspace and system passwords, and view log files.


  • Workspace Admin Console: Set up and manage the resources catalog; administer your users and groups entitlements, and review the Workspace dashboard for user activity.


  • Connector Services Admin: Manage the Workspace directory, enable or disable authentication adapters, select Active Directory users and groups for Worksapce, and set up resources used in Workspace, including View pools, Citrix-based resources, and ThinApp packages.


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