VMware Horizon Workspace: Installation and configuration fails

Today are two new important KBs that have been released regarding VMware Horizon Workspace version 1.5.0 Build 1220937

When installing VMware Horizon Workspace 1.5.0 Build 1220937, the installation and configuration fails. This issue is caused by expired passwords in the virtual machines that make up the Horizon Workspace vApp. The passwords expired as of 10 SEP 2013 and the issue is therefore only occurring since yesterday. VMware has released today two KB articles describing the problem and its resolution.

For new deployments see VMware KB 2059293

For existing deployments see VMware KB 2059395

A new horizon Workspace build is available (build number 1318295) from https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/info/slug/desktop_end_user_computing/vmware_horizon_workspace/1_5