VMware Horizon View – Upgrade Order

Today VMware Horizon 6.1.1 was released. The upgrade procedure is described in length at https://pubs.vmware.com/horizon-61-view/index.jsp#com.vmware.horizon-view.upgrade.doc/GUID-CE9531F4-6E70-494B-BE42-EF4666719F24.html

Important is that you must complete the upgrade process in a specific order.

Below a summary of the steps to take to upgrade your Horizon View environment to 6.1.1

  • Stop/halt all View scheduled tasks
  • Disable provisioning of all linked-clone desktop pools
  • Edit Desktop/pools settings: set “Refresh OS disk on logoff” to never
  • Upgrade View composer server
  • Upgrade View Connection Server
  • Upgrade View Security Server
    • Specify a security server pairing password on the Connection server that will be paired with the security server you are upgrading
    • Select “prepare for upgrade of reinstallation” to remove the existing IPsec rules
  • Upgrade GPOs
  • Upgrade View Agent on parent virtual machines
  • Edit Desktop/pools settings: set “Refresh OS disk on logoff” to “Refresh immediately” (or whatever setting you had before)
  • Enable provisioning of all linked-clone desktop pools
  • Recompose linked clone Pools
  • Upgrade View Clients

The upgrade is fairly simple and does not take too much time. I upgraded my demo environment which consists of 1 composer server, 2 connection servers, 1 security server and 1 rdsh host within 1 hour.


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