VMware Horizon Mirage 5.8.1. released

Yesterday, VMware released VMware Horizon Mirage 5.8.1. VMware Horizon Mirage 5.8.1 is a maintenance release, aimed to increase scalability for large deployments and deliver bug fixes and enhancements for Image Management scenarios.

New Features:

  • Improved scalability for Image Management scenarios: Mirage now supports up to 50,000 endpoints when using Image Management only policy. This enables large enterprises to use a single instance of Mirage for Windows 10 migration or other Image Management scenarios.
  • Endpoint Provisioning for Windows XP: Mirage now supports Endpoint Provisioning and Bare Metal Provisioning for Windows XP based endpoints, including POSReady2009 OS.

General Enhancements:

  • CVD compliance score can now be set to reflect changes in user installed applications, providing better visibility of unmanaged software running on endpoints.
  • Export system settings tool now supports exporting to a UNC path.

Mirage web Console Enhancements:

  • CVD compliance score column has been added to the CVD inventory grid.

Significant fixes:

  • Mirage Management Servers cannot connect to MongoDB replica after having more than 7 active Mirage Servers & Management Servers (1679551).
  • MongoDB sometimes return an incorrect rows in the table, potentially failing Mirage operations (1636921).

Minor fixes:

  • Fixed timeouts in System settings Import\Export tool when running on large environments. In addition Mirage now blocks temporary volume used during export.
  • $WINDOWS.~BT folder should not be backed up by default (1711546)
  • PowerCLI for Mirage should be dually signed, per Microsoft new guidelines (1682535)
  • Spanish translation not loaded for ‘Please wait’ text in OS Migration (168251)
  • MongoDB version has been upgraded to v3.2.8
  • OpenSSL version has been upgraded to 1.0.2h
  • JRE version has been upgraded to 1.80_102-fcsb3
  • Apache Tomcat version has been upgraded to 8.0.36


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