VMware – Free tools created by VMware

Free tools brought to you by VMware

VMark – Get an accurate measurement of application performance in virtualized environments with VMmark, the industry’s first virtualization benchmark for x86-based computers

vCenter Converter – of course we all know this appliance for easy P2V migrations

vSphere Management Assistant – allows administrators and developers to run scripts and agents to manage ESX/ESXi and vCenter Server systems.

PowerCLI – a powerful command line tool that lets you automate all aspects of vSphere management, including network, storage, VM, guest OS and more.

VMware Support Toolbar – have a direct way for all the necessary links, downloads, RSS feed news for all things from VMware. Compatible w/ Firefox, IE, and Safari

VMware SiteSurvey – Produces a report showing hardware compatibility and software configuration compatibility with advanced VMware features such as Fault Tolerance.

CPU Identification Utility – Displays CPU features for VMotion compatibility, EVC and indicates 64-bit VMware support.

VMware Studio – an integrated development tool that packages software applications into virtual appliances and vApps that are ready to run and optimized for VMware product platforms and the cloud.

VMware vCenter Update Manager 4.1 Sizing Estimator – get the right answer to your question whether to install the VMware vCenter Update Manager database on the same DB as vCenter DB or not. And also if yes or not to install VUM at the same host as the vCenter Server host

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