Licensing – Oracle and VMware

The client I am working at today has some questions and doubts on how to license Oracle in a VMware vSphere environment.

Today I exchanged some emails with one of the people at the client who has to deal with licensing. He was asking me if the ESXi server where the Oracle workloads will run will be managed by a VMware vCenter server and he also asked me which version of vSphere would be running.

I explained him that the intend was to build in each of the 2 datacenters a separate vSphere 6.5 environment each containing two clusters: one cluster for the non-Oracle workloads and a separate cluster to run Oracle workloads the client has. Each datacenter will have its own VMware vCenter server managing all of the ESXi hosts in that location.

He stated that with VMware vSphere 5.x all ESXi hosts managed by the same VMware vCenter server needs to be licensed for Oracle and with VMware vSphere 6.x all ESXi hosts in all VMware vCenters need to be licensed for Oracle. Since this sounded very weird to me and would cost the client a fortune to run a few Oracle VMs, I started googling a bit to see if I could find some interesting info on how to license Oracle in a VMware vSphere environment. Below are some articles I found on the subject which are worth reading:





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