VMware – vSphere Licensing Advisor

The VMware vSphere Licensing Advisor allows users with vSphere 4.1, vSphere 4.0 and Virtual Infrastructure 3.5 environments to calculate and understand their vRAM usage and vRAM capacity as if they upgraded to vSphere 5.0. Starting with vSphere 5.0, the vSphere licensing model will evolve from per processor with physical restrictions …

VMware – vSphere 5.0 – What’s new

The below slidedeck contains the new vSphere 5.0 features for the following topics: Licensing, Packaging & Pricing Platform ESXCLI Interface Image Builder & Auto Deploy vCenter Server vMotion, DRS/DPM High Availability Networking Storage VMware Data Recovery 2.0 Site Recovery Manager 5.0

VMware – Fully automated ESXi installation

Tom Arentsen wrote some nice step-by-step articles about the PXE manager for vCenter fling http://blog.arentcs.com/pxe-manager/ http://blog.arentcs.com/pxe-manager-part-i/ http://blog.arentcs.com/pxe-manager-part-ii/ http://blog.arentcs.com/pxe-manager-part-iii/ http://blog.arentcs.com/pxe-manager-part-iv/ http://blog.arentcs.com/pxe-manager-part-v/ http://blog.arentcs.com/pxe-manager-part-vi/

VMware – ESXi scratch partition and logging

Scratch partition When you install ESXi, a scratch partition is automatically created when local disks are used and at least 5GB of free diskspace is available for ESXi to install on. This “scratch partition” is used for storing vm-support dumps log files userworld swapfiles (if enabled). When using Boot-from-SAN or …

VMware Troubleshooting Mind Maps

To assist you in navigating your issue to the right solution, VMware created a number of interactive maps of the most common problems users are seeing, and what articles can help you solve those issues. Make sure to use version 9 or later of Adobe Reader to open these.   …