Airwatch Express – Easy Mobile Device Management at 2,5 USD per month

Today, VMware introduced Airwatch Express, a new version alongside the current available Mobile Device Management Suites.

The Airwatch Express edition will be a lower priced solution with obviously less functionality then the existing Airwatch Suites.

Current Airwatch Offerings



Why a new version?

Mobile Device Management as we know it today is

  • too hard to setup
  • resources-intensive to maintain
  • too expensive

What is Airwatch express?

  • Cloud based ==> easy setup
  • Easy MDM ==> turnkey simple with basic questions
  • Affordable ==> 2,50 $ per device per month

Airwatch Express Pricing?










  • Devices
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Windows
    • MAC
  • Zero touch configuration
    • Asset Inventory
    • Manage and deploy apps
    • Configure WiFi
    • Configure Email
  • Integration
    • integration with existing Directory Services like Active Directory
  • Foolproof Security
    • Device Encryption
    • Data loss prevention
    • Remote lock and wipe
  • Easy to use cloud
    • Easy setup
    • System integration
    • On-demand Support



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Airwatch Express Features

Airwatch Express Pricing


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